New Awards For 2017 Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R DisplayWe’ve always known that the Nissan GT-R was a special sports car, but now this vehicle has a new title to prove it. The 2017 GT-R was recently named top Premium Sports Car for 2017. This vehicle will be able to offer speed, power, and luxury.

This vehicle was also awarded with the ALG Residual Value Awards because it’s believed to be able to retain a high percent of it’s MSRP value even after three years of owning it. The depreciation of a vehicle’s value is the largest expense for someone who owns a vehicle. So this new award is a huge deal for the new Nissan GT-R. The Nissan Vice President Michael Bunce says, “We have always been proud of how GT-R delivers exceptional 'bang for the buck' in terms of pure performance-per-dollar, The recognition by ALG adds another convincing reason why GT-R is a great choice, though we think all it really takes is to slip behind the steering wheel and push the engine start button.”

Trust me, there is a lot to love with the Nissan GT-R and the redesign that it has went through. This is the first redesign since the year of 2009 and we know that you’ll love what this vehicle has to offer. The GT-R has a fresh new look with a V-motion grille, a matte chrome finish accents, and a new hood. This vehicle will come with a 3.8 liter twin turbocharged V6 engine. This engine will produce a 565 horsepower and a 467 pound per feet of torque. The body of this vehicle was designed with aerodynamics in mind with an impact resistant front undercover, heat resistant sheet behind the front axle, front fenders to optimize air management. Those features will increase the efficiency of the new GT-R. To learn more about the new Nissan GT-R near Tahlequah you can visit Nelson Nissan dealership.