Our Story

From the very beginning, Nelson has been made up of a strong group of people determined to bring you quality service and reliable vehicles. With the very first dealership, Jim Nelson Ford, they first began their journey through the automotive retail world in the late 1950’s running this Ford dealership in Broken Arrow, OK. This successful company made a name for the Nelson family in this industry because of their hard work and commitment in bringing their customers excellence.

In the late 1980’s they sold their first dealership to make a way for their next adventure. In 1989 Bobbie Nelson, the founder and principal of Nelson, purchased Pemberton Nissan-Mazda, changed the name to Nelson Nissan-Mazda, and continued making history. By branding Nelson Nissan-Mazda as a dealership with the slogan “We’ll Make A Believer Out Of You” they began to show their customers exactly what they were all about. This slogan was the foundation from where Nelson Nissan was built from and continues to be their slogan today. Bobbie Nelson built a company that not only promises customer satisfaction in all areas of business, but follows through on those promises.

With this business plan in mind they were able to grow to the point of needing another facility. After ten years of growth with the first Nelson location they were ready to expand again and in 1998 purchased their second Mazda dealership. Based out of the Nashville suburb in Antioch, TN Nelson Mazda was thriving and making a difference for their customers in this Tennessee area. Not more than four years passed when they decided to purchase their Nashville store in 2002. With more and more growth happening within their company Nelson decided to purchase land in southern Tulsa, OK to begin their first retail revolution store and Nelson Mazda opened their doors in December of 2004. Later down the road in July of 2013, Nelson decided to purchase an old Saturn facility to renovate into their third Nashville store with their next retail revolution store located in Cool Springs, TN.

During this period of time, while Nelson was thriving with both Nissan and Mazda brands, they decided it was time to consider the used car market and what they could do to help people who may not have the best credit, but still deserved a great car and above all, a great car shopping experience. As a result, they opened a new store and in November of 2007, Car Country was founded in Bixby. It was a very successful opening and so they quickly expanded and by December of 2007, another location was opened in Broken Arrow and shortly thereafter, in June of 2008 another Car Country was opened in Sapulpa. After a few years of continued success, it was time to expand into the area of Bartlesville (opened in June of 2010) and again in Claremore (opened in April of 2013). The goal of Car Country is to assist in building an individual's credit through short term loans that will ultimately give them the credit boost they need to be able to purchase a new car in the future.

The Nelson family of dealerships continues to stand out among their competitors because of their determination in always offering the best to their customers. With four Mazda dealerships, one Nissan Dealership and the Car Country pre-owned car dealerships you are sure to find what you need when you shop with Nelson. Nelson Nissan remains in its original location in Broken Arrow, OK serving its community with a desire to make every car buying experience one that you will enjoy. Nelson Nissan is a dealership that is different than other dealers you have experienced and when you step inside of our showroom you will understand why. They offer their customers top of the line vehicles along with excellent customer service, all to give you the ultimate car buying experience. At Nelson Nissan every member of our team will work hard so that you will never leave our dealership disappointed.